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Product Review Requests

About Our Product Reviews

Steps to get reviewed on Kat’s Reviews

  • You must be a registered member on this blog and on Instagram.

Once you have completed that…

  • Email us with a list of things you are wanting reviewed
  • Website info
  • Business info
  • Media info
  • Include all the ingredients in all products in email
  • Once all your products have been approved by our team, we will then send our mailing information

Our rating system…

My rating system has considered the variables surrounding ingredient safety, comedogenic, and sensitivity.

  • OVERALL: Each review will receive a star rating with a 5-star cap, based on the following system.
  • SKINCARE PRODUCTS: Efficacy: Product results, with an emphasis on performance to claims, unexpected benefits, and damages.
  • Ingredients: Quality, safety, efficacy, sensitivity, and comedogenic.
  • Application: Absorbency, spread-ability, comfort.
  • Wear: Overall sensation, weight, finish, as well as texture compatibility with other products.
  • MAKEUP PRODUCTS: Pigmentation: Product appearance on the skin, range for all skin tones.
  • BEAUTY TOOLS: Performance: Product results, with an emphasis on performance to claims, and damages. Use: Application, handling, Craftsmanship: Sturdiness, quality of build, overall finish, Materials: Quality, safety, efficacy.

Our promise…

  • Product reviews reflect true personal experience with a product.
  • A fair blog will be posted on site.
  • Within the post a link will lead readers to your media outlets.


I am the look of love, covered in flaws and painted in the beauty of makeup. DM me for makeup review requests.

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