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Calling All Content Creators

Consumer reviews are one of the most powerful tools to build your audience and gain trust with your viewers and followers. Not only that, but it’s extremely helpful to other consumers looking a potential purchase.

There’s a reason why brands pay influencers to review products; it’s because they know that word of mouth through the proven system really works!

Reviewing products is great way to grow your business carefully and honestly for Youtube, Instagram, TikTok or Blog.

Use this “Makeup Journal” to keep track of reviews, ratings, and thoughts while on the go. 31 days of plenty of space for jotting down reviews and keeping track of your honest thoughts on the products you use.

  • 3 pages per review.
  • Easily answer questions all consumers will need to know.
  • Special pages include dedicated for final reviews.

Buy Single Book

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Our Black Friday Deals



USE CODE: “BFriday2021” 

25% off Black Friday to Cyber Monday 11/26- 29  

Fashion Nova (Brand New)Fluffy 3 Piece Legging Set 2X SHOP

Fashion Nova (Brand New)Living In It Cozy 3 Piece Set – Pink XL SHOP

Fashion Nova (New)Ready Any Occasion Jacket – Black/Pink 2X SHOP
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Come Visit My Online Thrift Store

Founded by a fashionista who loves anything about fashion and bargain-hunting, Katrina has created (for your online experience), a fashionable and chic way to shop new and used items while decluttering her magnificent closet.

Mine, Now Yours Boutique was built on the precepts of upcycling and being beneficial to the earth. Recycling is a beneficial way to help the planet. The fashion industry causes more pollution and waste than almost any other business. “Buy fast fashion, use twice, throw it out” appears to be the mindset of many and this has got to change!

As an avid vlogger, Katrina is always shopping the latest trend. Although this is what makes her company run; she still does not want to be a burden to the planet. By this, she is delighted to create a place to share her joys of shopping with others at an up to 80 to 90% discounted price on things you probably were going to buy anyway. Mine, Now Yours offers new and used items.

We have clothing, plenty of makeup and jewelry to offer with new items added weekly! Thanks so much for stopping by and or shopping my store.

You are appreciated,

~ Katrina Gurl

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Bratz X Makeup Revolution

Makeup brings out the child in me, but this collection is special because it represents all race characters. Representation is important and The Bratz character Sasha is one of the four core black characters of the Bratz pack. Her friends call her #BunnyBoo because she’s into the Hip-Hop and Sasha has dreams as big as her personality. #Fandom states that she wants it all: Fame, fortune and, of course, friends. This Revolution x Bratz Palette is serving 27 head -turning shades including mattes, shimmers and foil finishes with the iconic ‘B’ embossed in some shades. Nostalgia never looked so GOOD!

I will always be a sucker for these silly makeup collections like this. They make me happy!!!

Check what’s available and pick your favorite character…

My look breakdown…


* DIPBROW Pomade – Dark Brown


* TTDeye Vintage Blue Colored Contact Lenses


* Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Primer

* Makeup Revolution x Bratz Eyeshadow Palette

* Makeup Revolution x Bratz Mascara


* Makeup Revolution x Bratz Eyeliner

* Makeup Revolution x Bratz Kohl Eyeliner


* Luxe by @nonyesminks –


* L’Oreal Paris Infallible Fresh Wear Foundation in a Powder, 355 Sienna

* The Crayon Case Blush Book @thecrayoncase

* Makeup Revolution x Bratz Doll Eyeshadow Palette Sasha color “GROOVALICIOUS”


* Makeup Revolution x Bratz Lip Crayon Yasmin

* Makeup Revolution x Bratz Maxi Plump Lip Gloss Jade


* Custom colored 16” frontal by @monetdiorcouture

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The music in this video in NOT owned by me Song: Just the two of us (Bill Withers Cover) Artist: Kauai 45 & Sweet Cocoa

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Not in Bevy’s World! A Bevelations Book Review!

  • I feel as if Bev’s stories come from true Harlem Renaissance or old black Hollywood or something like that and all I can hear while reading her books is jazz from a smoky cotton club.

When I purchased this book, I had no idea what to expect, but I knew one thing…I was intrigued at how this perfect-sized, bodacious black woman was all over my T.V. and on my Radio as well. Turns out, Bevy Smith’s book is a perfect guide to building your dream life! Bevy Smith’s personality and life lessons shine through this entire book!

First, I love the name of the book. It’s not Revelations, its Bevelations and I take these 2 ways…

  1. In the Abrahamic religions, the term is used to refer to the process by which God reveals knowledge of himself, his will, and his divine providence to the world of human beings. In secondary usage, revelation refers to the resulting human knowledge about God, prophecy, and other divine things.
  2. Or the literal meaning: a surprising and previously unknown fact, especially one that is made known in a dramatic way.

Either way you interpret that title, this book is fill with the journey that led her to greatness in her own right. She sugarcoats nothing yet make the unfolding of her life seem sweet to a fault. There are moments of sadness in the book, especially the one about her father, but the stories and people she has met along the way really makes you laugh even through the pain we know she has faced.

Whenever I read a book, I know at some point I will also purchase the audio. But it is just something about turning the pages of a book for me. I also will most like ALWAYS have a favorite chapter in every book I read and in this one it for sure is chapter 7: Broke but Blissful. I related to this chapter because it is when she really comes to terms with her lifestyle vs. cashflow. When we make big decisions in our lives, we often do not account of the big hit our lifestyle will take during that change. This screamed so true for me…especially during the pandemic.

In the book one of her motto’s is: Its Greater Later and nothing says that more through her then journey to now. Bevy is just what the cover says, a real-life lesson personified the way a mother, auntie or bestie would share it to you straight and honest! Bevelations shows that you can evolve and reinvent way beyond just one life dream if done with grit and persistence you can live all the little dreams that lay dormant in your soul.

Society tells us that we should have a clear path and plan for our lives in our 20’s, but not in Bev’s world! It’s exhilarating to hear that it’s never too late live a great life as we see clearly exampled in Bevelations.

Who needs to be reading this book: People who are desiring to change careers, people who want more out of life and people that dare to live their dream while willing to do the soul and physical work to do so.

Bonus Thought: This book is filled with invisible underlined lessons that Bev sneaks into each chapter and if you are alert and ready, she literally gives you all the tea! As I mentioned in the video, I feel as if Bev’s stories come from true Harlem Renaissance or old black Hollywood or something like that and all I can hear while reading her books is jazz from a smoky cotton club…get this book! It is an amazing read!

Product Details: BUY HERE

Price: $18.29 – $22.99

Publisher: Andy Cohen Books

Publish Date: January 12, 2021

Pages: 256

Dimensions: 6.2 X 9.3 X 1.1 inches | 1.05 pounds

Language: English

Type: Hardcover

EAN/UPC: 9781250311788

BISAC Categories: Personal Memoirs, Women, Motivational & Inspirational

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Happy Birthday to Me! (Chapter49)

When I think about the fact that I was born in 1972 and here it is 2021; I think, wow…I am getting hella old!!!! But, I digress because I do thank God that I’m healthy and alive to one day be able to tell my grandkids that I literally lived through a pandemic, Trump as a leader of the free world and Prince Harry leaving his entire kingdom for a black woman!!! What a wonderful time in history I will have to share with them!

I’m calling this year chapter 49 because it’s the year before the big 5-0! This is the year that I’m gonna work on the things I’ve been putting on the back burner. I can seriously admit that I have allowed what we call life to get in the way of promises to myself.

Such as:

  1. Continuing the series of my first book
  2. Getting fit without new years resolutions
  3. Eating healthy as a way of life and not just to lose weight

I remember when I wrote my fist book, the publisher that I went through failed to truly correct all the numerous mistakes in my book and due to me being so green to publishing back then, I was just embarrassed about the whole thing. Plus, it was a book of erotic short stories and as a devout Christian woman, I felt as though (back then) I wasn’t properly aligning myself with the bible by printing such content. However, I now realize that SAVED PEOPLE HAVE SEX EROTICALLY all over the world everyday so I need to finish my series!!! My First Book

and Peeking Through Innuendos was supposed to be the next install that I never finished.

Getting fit for me, went out the door the moment I had my hysterectomy late 2019. My hormones went all over the place and nothing I did after that surgery worked as far as weight loss, so I gave up way too soon on that. I did however, stop eating meat and I’m happy about that at least. I stopped eating meat because for some reason, one day the reality of eating dead animals literally made me throw up! It’s been well over 3 months and I have not looked back! Reasons to stop eating meat

To celebrate chapter 49 I am simply doing 4 things this year and that is to:

  1. Live
  2. Forgive
  3. Laugh
  4. Love
  5. and I’m still wearing my mask no mater what

I’m living by keeping promises to myself by doing the things my heart desire to achieve.

I’m forgiving people way quicker these days. When people lie to or on you, OR do you wrong, it’s lowkey more of their problematic character than yours. Forgiveness does not mean to stay chummy with the perp either! All forgiveness means is to get the burden off of you so that your soul can be free to move on.

I’m laughing more because its literally healthy to laugh and most importantly, it’s not good to take life or ourselves too seriously! Chill!!!

I am choosing not only love as the foundation in my life, but also to search the good in others even when I can clearly see they wrong as a 3 dollar bill!

Last but not least, no matter the fact that I am vaccinated, I will still be wearing a mask in the general public until I truly see and feel a change in this Covid-19 business.

Just because the world is opening back up DOES NOT mean we should just go carefree in a STILL RAMPANT PANDEMIC!!!

In closing, I am overjoyed and blessed to be 49 today and I love everything about the views I am taking on for this year.

Whomsoever reads this post, I send love and happy thoughts to you,

~ Kat 💖

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The Mermaid Wig by Sensationnel

I bought this wig literally on Amazon to a review on a pastel makeup palette I just got…easy to install and ready to wear right out the package! Love it!!! 💕

Her name is: “CHANA” Wig

by: Sensationnel Style:

Shear Muse Synthetic Hair Empress Lace Front Wig

Buy Here:

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The Colourpop & Lizzie McGuire Collection

Lizzie Mcguire was everything to my kids and because I’m wacky for makeup, this collection spoke to me. This collection reminds me of what was on TV for my kids back in the day. As I reminisce on the good ole days when my kids were running around the house watching the Disney channel and play video games…I’m wearing this nostalgia proudly for #thegram!

As far as I’m concerned, this collection is as much a collector’s item for sentimental purposes as anything, and it’d make any young girl get excited, even if she’s never heard of Lizzie McGuire.

The Disney Lizzie McGuire x Colourpop Collection includes eight themed products, including a 12-shade eye shadow palette, two lip gloss duos, a lip scrub, two multi-use glitter pastes, and two powder blushes. While the hues in the eye shadow palette might be considered more for the beauty adventurous, the sheer juicy lip glosses and satin finish powder blushes can be worked seamlessly into any makeup routine. Not to mention, the glitter gels are so fun that they’re worth stocking up for your next costume party.

This very pigmented eyeshadow palette is just what I needed for a fun and silly experience with makeup!

12 Pan Palette

Lip Scrub

4 Lip glosses

2 Glitter Gels

2 Pressed Powder Blushes